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Employment Policy

Wosiyane Cold Room Manufactures aliened it employment policy to that given by the Employment Equity Act and the Labour Relations Act.
We conform to all the regulation based on the above acts in our daily dealing with our staff members.
We conform to affirmative action in the staff demographic.
Our staff members are afforded training & development opportunities within the organization.
Our staff is afforded good employment benefits, leave, pension contribution, sick leave etc.
We promote diversity and respect within the staff members.

Quality Policy & Above Par Workmanship

Wosiyane Cold Room Manufactures pride itself with the quality of the product and service it renders.
If a client is not certified, a post sale support in the form of service or product replacement is conducted to meet the client needs.
We always strive to ensure that our products of the SABS standard.
Our professional technicians are our pride in providing QUALITY in an EFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE manner.

Assurance Of Going Concern And Good Governance

As part of the Good Governance of finances and operations in the business, the following control are in place:

Cheques are prepared by the secretary for payment and OPS Manager checks & verify the payment &such schedules are signed for such actions.
Only the Managing Director has the right to sign the cheque and authorize the payment via EFT.
The bank notifies the payment via SMS and Email all the transactions that went through the account.
Income Tax And VAT are done by an independent accountant regularly.
The financial status of the organization has shown increase in assets and revenue in relation to liabilities and creditors for the past years.
Retained income in the business is re-invested and used for business expansion.